KYC2020 Solutions

From Sanction data to screening decisions,
KYC2020 has it all.

From Sanction Data to Screening Decisions, we have solutions designed for the small enterprise.

Good Data


Comprehensive sanction and PEP database with over 900 global lists and growing.

Lists are scrubbed, normalized, and regularly updated to give you compliant data at the most affordable prices.

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Smart Screening


An affordable and flexible screening solution that is easy to get started.

Built on Elasticsearch™ with smartscan and scoring to minimize false positives, SmartScan is the RIGHT solution for the small enterprise.

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Actionable Decisions


When you need to get to actionable onboarding decisions fast.

DecisionIQ's AI based service works with your risk-based approach to deliver Pass/Fail verification decisions while handling the clearing of false positives and storage of proof-of-decision work.

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Move from screening tools to real-time hands-free decision services.

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Existing AML compliance solutions are not designed for the Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME). They are either too complicated, costly, or simply too much friction to transaction processing and customer onboarding workflows.

In our latest whitepaper we discuss the challenges faced by SMEs and best practices to get to affordable, hands-free, and frictionless sanction screening.
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Consulting Services

KYC2020 Consulting Services

A challenge for most SMEs is sourcing qualified consulting services, or outsourcing certain compliance functions cost-effectively so that they can focus on their business.

KYC2020 has a team of CAMS™ and VSkills™ certified AML compliance specialists that not only help design our products and run our DecisionIQ service, but are available for your consulting needs.

Whether you are looking for help with AML risk assessment, policy & controls development, part-time CAMLO, outsourcing your sanction screening function, or just some free advise and consulting to help you understand your AML/CFT risk and requirements, give us a call.

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