About Us

The Foundation

KYC2020 was founded in 2016 to meet the sanction screening requirements of Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), Credit Unions, and Emerging Payments FinTech that lacked viable and affordable solutions. A review of available market solutions exposed a significant deficiency: AML/CFT compliance systems were either too expensive, too disruptive to transaction flow or simply excessive for the purpose of a SME. The problem was that compliance systems had traditionally been aimed at financial institutional that have a larger burden of compliance. The emergence of KYC2020 as a stand-alone product/service was driven by the compliance needs of many online Money Services Businesses (MSBs) and grew from there.

Today, with the use of AI, ML and good old fashion human ingenuity and hardwork, our product suite has expanded to include adverse media screening, ongoing monitoring, decisioning systems to speed customer onboarding and an AML compliance toolkit to help build and manage AML compliance programs.

KYC2020 cloud-based SaaS solutions are designed for GDPR compliance.

Our services are hosted in Europe to serve the Europen Union, and separately in USA to host the North America market. We continue to invest in regional deployments as we expend globally

...And we are just getting started.

Our Mission

We are seasoned payments industry professionals and CAMS™ certified AML specialists with deep software experience. Our mission is to make AML compliance easy, effective, and affordable for ANY SIZE enterprise.

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The Leadership


Rajeev Bahri

Founder, Managing Director
Rajeev Bahri

Rajeev Bahri, CFA, CAMS, is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of KYC2020, LLC. Mr. Bahri has an MBA from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and a B.S.E.E with highest honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His corporate and entrepreneurial career spans over 27 years. Mr. Bahri has held a multitude of functional and leadership roles in banking, trading, and software development operations in corporate giants including AT&T, FIRST CHICAGO (now CHASE), ABN AMRO and AIG.

Mr. Bahri guides the product vision, marketing and business strategy of KYC2020 LLC. He leads the KYC2020 team in its mission to reduce cost and friction in AML Compliance. He is also the MD of TEKchand LLC.

Joseph Iuso

Founder, Director
Joseph Iuso

Joseph Iuso, CAMS, is the co-founder and Head of Business Development and AML Compliance Specialist of KYC2020. Joseph graduated as a Computers System Technologist from Mohawk College. He is a designated Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (“CAMS”) and also serves as CAMLO for several Canadian corporations. His corporate and entrepreneurial career spans over 30 years, with functional and leadership positions at companies including PaymentSource, Monitex, UseMyServices, JAWZ, RBC, CIBC, IBM, ACI, and ING Direct.

As the Head of Business Development & AML Compliance Specialist, he directs the sales functions


Meet the KYC2020 India Team

The core to our product advantage, vision and value proposition to our customers is a software development strategy that is guided by our in house team of VSkills™ Certified AML/KYC Officers. Our seasoned software engineers and support specialists are incentivized to obtain certifications as AML/KYC Officers; ensuring our steady evolution from a "Product Only" to a Services Company. Our team looks forward to serve your AML/KYC needs in a greater capacity in the near future in a cost effective manner.

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Data Integrity matters

KYC2020 is now trusted by many AML and compliance professionals worldwide from Financial Services, Money Service Business, FX brokerage, and charities. All are looking for the most comprehensive lists available to apply to their unique risk based approach. KYC2020 provides access to these lists through its online portal, batch Interface, and extensive APIs. Data integrity is the single most important aspect of ensuring that our customers have the latest information available at their fingertips.

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Future Vision

One of the biggest pain points and challenges with KYC list screening is that it invariably requires manual effort to clear false positives and manage the audit paper work. KYC2020 is investing heavily in proprietary screening methodology that greatly reduces the number of false positives, intuitive user interfaces to speed clearing of exceptions, electronic storage of documents, and the use of AI Concepts for self-learning for improved scoring.

KYC2020 also recognizes that the AML/KYC function for many of the smaller MSBs and ICOs is NOT core to business operations. Without some level of economies of scale this compliance function, no matter how sophisticated the tools and technology, requires a human to manage screening, signoff, record keeping, and work flow management.

Our 2019 Vision is to leverage our team of in-house AML/KYC Compliance Officers to offer a cost-effective fully managed solution built upon our tools for firms that want to outsource parts of their screening functions.

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