Why KYC2020?

Our team of CAMS™ certified AML specialists have combined next-generation technology with our deep understanding of MSBs, Credit Unions, and Cryptocurrency operations to deliver compliant AML solutions that are low friction and cost effective.

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The Challenge

Despite all the technology, sanction screening continues to be manual and time-consuming.

False Positives

The best systems still yield 5-7% false
positives that must be cleared

Record keeping

Compliance best practices
demand auditable documentation
stored for minimum 5 years.

Long Onboarding Times

Sanction screening still means
manual overheads that slow down
customer onboarding.


Use Smart Data and Next-Generation technology over the cloud to drive innovation and efficiency


VisionIQ DaaS

Smart Data

Over 1000+ watchlists across 200+ countries to give you the most advanced Sanction, Regulatory, Criminal, HIO, PEP, and RCA data source of its kind.


Adverse Media Check

Relevant News

Global news feeds scanned using advanced NLP based algorithms to give you a highly relevant negative news screening service.



Affordable Screening

A sanction screening service built on ElasticSearch™ that is sophisticated and flexible, and the most affordable solution of its kind.



Actionable Decisions

An AI-based service for auto clearing false positives and continuous monitoring. Get to rapid decisions and speed up customer onboarding.

KYC2020 has it all...

From Sanction Data to Screening Decisions


Global Watchlists

Our proprietary VisionIQ™ database has over 1000+ global watch lists, including Sanction, PEP, Terrorist, Enforcement, and Criminal Lists. We also screen relevant news sources for Adverse Media. Data is cleaned, normalized and regularly updated for use by our screening services. Learn More

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Sanction Screening

A sanction, PEP, and negative news screening solution must be data driven, and then smart, flexible, and affordable. SmartScan™ is built on Elasticsearch™ with an industry proven smart scoring engine that minimizes false positives and fits ANY budget. Learn More

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Actionable Screening Decisions

Manually clearing false positives and managing documentation can be costly. DecisionIQ takes a risk-based approach to deliver actionable screening decisions and automatically clear false positives. We help you speed up customer onboarding and get back to business.

Sanction Screening can be 100%
hands-free! Find out How!

AML Risk Assessment

AML compliance begins with a risk assessment and then defining mitigating controls as part of your overall risk-based approach. For most small businesses, this is the first step towards cost, confusion, and frustration. It does not have to be!

Use our FREE Risk Assessment Tool to generate your risk assessment report.

Affordable Outsourcing

Did you know that 80% of costs of AML compliance are from manual activities? Stop paying for compliance roles that our Vskills™ certified AML officers in India can do better, faster, and at less than half the cost.

Affordable and compliant outsourcing for the small enterprise. Contact Us

Kis Network

Need a part-time CAMLO or help creating your AML compliance regime from scratch? Tap our Independent Specialist Network. Our qualified experts have experience working with Payment Services Providers, Money Service Businesses, Virtual Currency Exchanges, ICOs, Universities, and Charities.

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Trusted by Banks, Credit Unions, MSBs, Fintech, and Non-Financials

Videos & Demos

Hello DiQ- Actionable Decisions

Let's watch Video #1 and screen a name to watch DecisionIQ in action.

Hello DiQ- Clearing Decisions

Let's watch Video #2 and review and clear the DecisionIQ decision from Video #1.

Hello DiQ- Ongoing Monitoring

Let's watch Video #3 where we add the name cleared in Video #2 for Ongoing Monitoring.

Hello Adverse Media

Relevant negative news screening. Watch Adverse Media Check in action

Risk Assessment tool

Tool to write, manage, and track your Risk-based AML Policy.

AML Policy Builder

Write, manage, and track your AML Policy using our Free AML Policy Builder Tool.

Effectiveness Review Tool

Tool to conduct and manage your annual effectiveness review.

In the past, AML compliance was limited to banks. Today, any business that handles money or financial assets must in the very least conduct sanction screening against global sanction lists to be compliant and avoid penalties. This includes small enterprises such as PSPs, MSBs, FX Brokers, Investment Managers, Art Dealers, Real Estate Brokers, Travel Agents, Casinos, Charitable NGOs, Online Merchants, Virtual Currency Exchanges, ICOs, and MORE!


If so, are you using the proper risk-based approach to avoid over-screening?

Use our free AML risk assessment tool to find out and create your risk profile.

FREE AML Risk Assessment Tool

The compliance challenge for FinTech, MSBs, and Credit Unions is further confounded by lack of quality tools and affordable consulting to put together an AML Regime. KYC2020 Independent Specialist Network is here to change that. Access qualified experts and intelligent tools to help you get started with your AML compliance program.

We make the gig economy work for you.

Tools to help you get started with your AML Compliance Regime

Whether it's for conducting a Risk Assessment, Effectiveness Review, or to build your
AML Policy, we have a free tool to get you started.

KYC2020 VisionIQ and SmartScan give you the most intelligent, affordable and comprehensive Sanction, PEP, & Adverse Media
database, along with the most flexible and convenient way to screen this data.

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