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Uncomplicate Global Sanction, PEP and Adverse Media Screening and lower your overall cost of AML compliance... Guaranteed!


The Challenge

Despite all the technology, sanction screening continues to be manual and time-consuming.

False Positives

The best systems still yield 5-7% false
positives that must be cleared

Record keeping

Compliance best practices
demand auditable documentation
stored for a minimum of 5 years.

Long and Expensive Onboarding times

Sanction screening still means
manual overheads that slow down
customer onboarding.

The Challenge

Despite all the technology, sanction screening continues to be manual and time-consuming.


Use Smart Data and Next-Generation technology over the cloud to drive innovation and efficiency

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VisionIQ DaaS™
Smart Data

Over 1500+ watchlists across 193+ countries to give you the most advanced Sanction, Regulatory, Criminal, HIO, PEP, and RCA data source of its kind.

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Affordable Screening

A sanction screening service built on ElasticSearch™ that is sophisticated and flexible, and the most affordable solution of its kind.

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Adverse Media Check
Relevant News

Global news feeds scanned using advanced NLP based algorithms to give you a highly relevant negative news screening service.

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HRB Check®
High Risk Business Screening

HRB Check® screens specific lists within VisionIQ watchlist database to clearly identify high risk businesses, including MSBs, CRBs, Casinos, and Online Gaming.

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Actionable Decisions

An AI-based service for auto clearing false positives and continuous monitoring. Get to rapid decisions and speed up customer onboarding.

  • All the features of SmartScan and More!
  • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, API
  • Scanning Results are PASS, FAIL, or VERIFY
  • False Positives are cleared with an AI engine and a Proof of Decision (POD) File created.
  • POD PDF File can be Annotated and Downloaded
  • Intuitive Compliance Officer workflow to Review decisions and Sign Off if required.

Smart Data

Over 1500+ watchlists across 193+ countries  to give you the most advanced Global Sanction, Regulatory, Criminal, HIO, PEP, RCA and Negative News data source of its kind.

License our data or use it as part of our basic screening or advanced decisioning service.

Learn About VisionIQ

Affordable Screening​

A Sanction, PEP, & High-Risk Business screening service that is compliant, low cost, and easy to get started. Combine that with the most advanced negative news screening service, and you have all your basic watchlist screening needs covered without having to compromise on Cost or Quality.


Actionable Decisions

Bring it all together with DecisionIQ

A powerful AI/ML based service that auto clears false positives and delivers real-time actionable screening decisions. DecisionIQ reduces your overall cost of watchlist screening and speeds up your customer onboarding.

  • Real-time screening decisions on all our data, including negative news
  • Auditor friendly ‘Proof-of-Decision’ file for every screening decision
  • Extensive API for easy integration
  • Name Relevancy Scoring System that is customizable and superior to Fuzzy!
  • Pattern recognition system that is continuously learning and highly trainable
  • Rule-based system per your risk-based approach to filter on Gender, Nationality, and more
  • An awesome Rapid Review and Case Management system to speed up your manual review process and reduce costs
  • Persistent Monitoring system to keep you compliant!
  • Built for GDPR Compliance

Stop Screening. Start Sanction Decisioning

Try us out for free with Premium access to all features and our API


Trusted by Banks, Credit Unions, MSBs, Fintech, and Non-Financials

An <API-First> platform built for the enterprise and easy to integrate


Unique Records

Global watchlist database available for download via our Data as a Service API

> 90%

Reduction in False Positive

Stop wasting time on false positives. Get to Accurate, and Auditable Screening Decisions with our AI-based DecisionIQ API

> 75%

Reduction in Onboarding Costs

Use our Case Management API with Human AI for faster reviews and lower your manual costs.

< 5 Hours

Average Integration Time

API is easy to integrate and supports legacy technologies

< 3 Seconds

Response Time SLA

DecisionIQ API is designed for real-time FinTech applications



A highly customizable screening decision system to suit your enterprise risk-based approach to AML compliance


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Configure your System

Customize our search engine to accommodate your compliance needs while maintaining excellent results
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Automate the Onboarding Process

Integrate our API with your existing systems to automate onboarding processes and improve workflows
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Ongoing Monitoring

Keep track of users through continuous screening against real-time data to stay on top of your risk management system
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Synchronized UI and API

All API activity is available in our user interface for review

The compliance challenge for FinTech, MSBs, and Credit Unions is further confounded by lack of quality tools and affordable consulting to put together an AML Regime. KYC2020 Independent Specialist Network is here to change that. Access qualified experts and intelligent tools to help you get started with your AML compliance program.

We make the gig economy work for you.



    Affordable Screening
    • Global Watchlists

    • Support for Standard and Premium Watchlists
    • Create Private Watchlists
    • Create Custom Watchlist Groups
    • Scanning

    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, and API
    • Customize Search Preferences and Risk Thresholds
    • Create Exception Lists
    • Flag Results
    • Download Results as PDF
    • AML specialist must review all hits and clear
    • Data Retention

    • Ad Hoc results are not saved
    • Batch Processing Jobs can be deleted
    • All Data is purged after 3 months
    • Customer must download and store locally for AML Record Retention Compliance.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • No Support
    • Designed for GDPR Compliance
    Preview Results


    Actionable Decisions
    • Global Watchlists

    • Same as SmartScan
    • It’s NOT Scanning… Its Decisioning

    • All the features of SmartScan and More!
    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, API, and Email.
    • False Positives are cleared with an AI engine and a Proof of Decision (POD) File created.
    • Intuitive Compliance Officer workflow to Review decisions and Sign Off if required.
    • Significantly reduces manual costs of clearing false positives.
    • Proof Of Decision PDF can be annotated and downloaded.
    • Real-time PASS/FAIL decisions to speed up onboarding.
    • Highly customisable to your risk-based approach.
    • Data Retention

    • Decisions are saved for five (5) years.
    • Personal Data is stored in encrypted format.
    • All Data can be purged at ANY time.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • Create custom Customer Lists for scanned decisions
    • Set Recurring Scan Schedules to monitor Customer Lists
    • Set Email Alerts for Decision Changes
    Preview Decision File

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