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KYC2020 Customer Testimonials

“KYC2020's dedication to innovation and underlying subject matter expertise was apparent during the sales process. As any regulated entity knows, false positives create incredible inefficiency and frustration for staff. We really liked that KYC2020's DecisionIQ solution was easy to interface via email, delivered pass/fail screening decisions, and maintained auditable records. DecisionIQ has saved us a significant amount of manual work for our compliance function as compared with the other solutions we evaluated.”

Tracy Van Dijk

Director, Financial Services

Redeemer College

“KYC2020 is a leader in delivering a comprehensive and continuously expanding global watch lists their watch lists complement our industry leading ecosystem of 30 plus strategic partners, all of whom can be accessed through a single, standards-based API. Data integrity is key for IdentityMind and our clients and KYC2020 delivers.”

Garrett Gafke


IdentityMInd Global

“For Seneca to thrive in its quest to give students the very best experience in compliance and in this particular case, KYC List screening, we are thrilled to add KYC2020 to our compliance curriculum.”

Samky Mak

Professor and Program Co-ordinator

Seneca College

“As a user with my previous company, I highly recommend KYC2020 for all AML execs! Not only is it cost effective but the team makes sure to add and update sanctions lists regularly. Most importantly the platform is designed with AML professionals' user experience in mind!”

Raza R. Siddiqui

Former CCO

Zoompass Inc

“When our company first came across KYC2020, we needed to move quickly with our KYC Sanctions List screening solution. We had looked elsewhere but the costs were simply too significant to work within our business model. Most were enterprise solutions that included far more than what we needed and involved too much human oversight. We required a modern solution and with KYC2020 API solution it has allowed our business to scale while remaining compliant with the Canadian PCMLTF regulations.”

Adam Goldman

Founder & President


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