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High Risk Businesses such as CRBs, MSBs, and Casinos pose a higher risk of money laundering. Whether you choose to onboard them or not, the first step is to correctly identify HRBs as part of your AML screening process.

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Identify Risk, Make Faster Decisions and Speed Up your Onboarding with HRB Check.

HRB Check

Effective Screening for High Risk and Cannabis Related Businesses


FINCEN lists several factors to consider when categorizing an entity as a high risk business (HRB). These include MSBs, Casinos, and Online Gaming. These HRBs must be identified for Enhanced Due Diligence and regularly monitored per a risk-based approach for AML Compliance.

When banking or deciding to not bank a certain category of HRBs, a Bank or Credit Union must consider additional factors that pose risk to the institution. This includes everything from the regulated nature of the business, the activity conducted, to the customers they serve. For example, in the case of USA, Cannabis Related Businesses (CRBs) pose an extraordinary level of risk to the financial institution because they not only fit the FINCEN definitions for high risk, but because (a) are highly regulated businesses from seed-to-distribution, (b) are still a prohibited activity at the Federal level, and c) are services that have plenty of social controversy, questionability, carry reputation risk.

The biggest risk to a Bank or Credit Union is not correctly identifying businesses that are HRBs, or beneficial owners of HRBs. This can lead to either banking a business that the financial institution publicly claims to not deal with as a matter of policy, or applying incorrect monitoring and risk controls on the high risk business. The harm to the institution as a result can be material.


HRB Check® screens specific lists within VisionIQ watchlist database to clearly identify MSBs, CRBs, Casinos, and Online Gaming. The data sources include Regulated Authority watchlists for illegal Money Service Businesses, public lists for registered casinos and online gaming businesses, state and provincial licensing data in USA and Canada for CRBs, and our Adverse Media database for persons and businesses with negative news associations to a high risk business or activity.

HRB Check is enabled as part of SmartScan for traditional screening, or as part of DecisionIQ to get AI-based actionable pass/fail screening decisions.

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HRB Check

Identify Risk, Make Faster Decisions, And Speed Up Your Merchant Onboarding

HRB Data Sources

Carefully curated list of worldwide high risk businesses, including 9800+ Casinos, 53,200+ MSBs, 2000+ Virtual Currency Businesses, and more

CRB Data Sources

Comprehensive and structured list of over 226,282 Licensed Operators from Seed to Distribution, Beneficial Owners, Investment Vehicles, and more from across USA & Canada.

Adverse Media Sources

Over 10,000 news sources screened on a daily basis. AI/NLP and Identity Resolution algorithms are used to extract names and entities in news with high risk business associations.

Screening Technologies

Good data requires great screening and ongoing monitoring technologies to reduce false positives to speed up Merchant Onboarding. HRB Check is built on DecisionIQ, the best in class AI-based decision system. Learn more

SaaS Platform

HRB Check is available on the cloud. Use our API to integrate with your compliance system and workflow, or as a standalone solution via our online portal.
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Access Options

Access options include data download, API, batch, or online portal. Multiple pricing plans, including pay as you go, ensure fit for every budget.

Banking CRBs. Is it Worth it?

As Marijuana and Hemp laws transform across the US and Canada, there is a growing opportunity for financial institutions to engage with CRBs as part of their business. In the US, for example, 37 states have allowed the legalization of Marijuana and many experts expect changes to Federal Law regarding Marijuana soon. However, institutions that are associated with CRBs must ensure that they uphold the strictest compliance in order to avoid problems with the highly regulated Cannabis Sector. Most companies recognize this risk yet struggle to find efficient and cost-effective ways of monitoring CRBs. They spend thousands, if not millions, on large compliance departments that are not designed or prepared for the niches that Cannabis compliance requires. The high risk status of CRB’s will not change, therefore, Regulated Entities, including Banks and Credit Unions must establish sound screening processes that will ensure that they stay compliant and avoid reputational risks.

Whether you see opportunity or risk... You must screen for Cannabis Related Businesses.

HRB Check® makes it easy and affordable.

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