KYC2020 AML Compliance Toolkit

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Tools to improve effectiveness of your Sanction Screening Program


Watchlist Database Navigator

See if we cover your specific lists in our global watchlist database with 900+ lists and growing!


Sanction Screening Check

Test our SmartScan™ Sanction Screening service. Search a Name, Entity, ID, Address, or DOB.


Watchlist Curator Tool

Know what lists to screen based on your Risk Profile to stop
'over-screening' and speed up customer Onboarding



Test our DecisionIQ tool to get to actionable screening decisions and stop manually clearing false positives.

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Tools to help you get started with your AML Compliance Regime.

Whether it's for conducting a Risk Assessment, Effectiveness Review, or to build your
AML Policy, we have a free tool to get you started.


AML Risk Assessment Tool

Use the FREE tool to write, manage, and track your Risk-based AML Policy.


AML Policy Builder

Use our FREE tool to write, manage, and track your AML Policy.

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Try our FREE CAMLO Quiz to find out if you are ready to be the Chief AML Officer for your FinTech.


Effectiveness Review

Use our FREE tool to conduct and manage your annual effectiveness review.

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Training Program

Use our FREE tool to build your staff training program for AML compliance.

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Using tools without expertise or experience can be counter-productive.
If you need help getting started, completing, or managing your AML regime, our network of CAMSTM
certified AML Specialists can get the job done within your time and budget constraints.

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Move from screening tools to real-time hands-free decision services.

Discover the DecisionIQ Advantage


    Affordable Screening
    • Global Watchlists

    • Support for Standard and Premium Watchlists
    • Create Private Watchlists
    • Create Custom Watchlist Groups
    • Scanning

    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, and API
    • Customize Search Preferences and Risk Thresholds
    • Create Exception Lists
    • Flag Results
    • Download Results as PDF
    • AML specialist must review all hits and clear
    • Data Retention

    • Ad Hoc results are not saved
    • Batch Processing Jobs can be deleted
    • All Data is purged after 3 months
    • Customer must download and store locally for AML Record Retention Compliance.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • No Support
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    Actionable Decisions
    • Global Watchlists

    • Same as SmartScan
    • It’s NOT Scanning… Its Decisioning

    • All the features of SmartScan and More!
    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, API, and Email.
    • Scanning Results are PASS, FAIL, or VERIFY
    • False Positives are cleared with an AI engine and a Proof of Decision (POD) File created.
    • POD PDF File can be Annotated and Downloaded
    • Intuitive Compliance Officer workflow to Review decisions and Sign Off if required.
    • Data Retention

    • Decisions are saved for five (5) years.
    • Personal Data is stored in encrypted format.
    • All Data can be purged at ANY time.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • Create custom Customer Lists for scanned decisions
    • Set Recurring Scan Schedules to monitor Customer Lists
    • Set Email Alerts for Decision Changes
    Preview Decision File
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