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Tools to help you get started with your AML Compliance Regime

Whether it's for conducting a Risk Assessment, Effectiveness Review, or to build your
AML Policy, we have a free tool to get you started.

Benefits of Our AML Compliance Toolkit

KYC2020 builds productivity tools to improve overall efficiency to deliver better value to both customer and specialist. For the customer it is effective compliance at affordable prices. For the specialist it is improved productivity and increase in profitability.

Here's how a Traditional Consultant Works

30 – 40% of the independent consultant time is non-core and unpaid, leading to higher
consulting rates for the expert services

The problem with this model is that consultants start to get paid in step 4. The hours spent before are unpaid. This means that 2/3 to 3/4 of the consultant hours are not paid. This also means that the consultants request huge fees for their
paid hours to compensate for the unpaid work. In this system, nobody wins, the consultant is constantly having
to hustle to find new clients, and the companies are really overpaying for the services they receive.

Our smart tools remove the pain points for everyone

Here's how we Work

We connect the organizations that need AML programs with free tools that securely and confidentially capture their needs.


Work is completed for the agreed fees, with no surprises.


We pair them with specialists and turn over the client information so that the expert can correctly evaluate the program and the costs.


We pair them with specialists and turn over the client information so that the expert can correctly evaluate the program and the costs.

Work is completed for the agreed fees, with no surprises.


The customer may subscribe to the tools for ongoing tracking and management of their AML regime. The toolkit then becomes the preferred platform for collaboration and annual engagement.

This model removes the time to identify and get to know clients for the specialist. Specialists spend less time looking for clients and more time getting paid for their expertise. This means less cost to the client, and more income to the specialist.
Everyone wins!

Our sophisticated tools and team of experts are just the beginning of the compliance journey. As your business matures, your program should mature with it. Our tools grow with you. The experts can recall your program, tweak it, upgrade it, evaluate it, all at a fraction of the cost of other providers. We deliver the structure to ease the compliance cycle.

Not interested in Specialists, but want full access to the Compliance Toolkit? Check out our toolkit subscription pricing plans!

Toolkit Pricing Plans


    Affordable Screening
    • Global Watchlists

    • Support for Standard and Premium Watchlists
    • Create Private Watchlists
    • Create Custom Watchlist Groups
    • Scanning

    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, and API
    • Customize Search Preferences and Risk Thresholds
    • Create Exception Lists
    • Flag Results
    • Download Results as PDF
    • AML specialist must review all hits and clear
    • Data Retention

    • Ad Hoc results are not saved
    • Batch Processing Jobs can be deleted
    • All Data is purged after 3 months
    • Customer must download and store locally for AML Record Retention Compliance.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • No Support
    Preview Results


    Actionable Decisions
    • Global Watchlists

    • Same as SmartScan
    • It’s NOT Scanning… Its Decisioning

    • All the features of SmartScan and More!
    • Support for Ad Hoc, Batch, API, and Email.
    • Scanning Results are PASS, FAIL, or VERIFY
    • False Positives are cleared with an AI engine and a Proof of Decision (POD) File created.
    • POD PDF File can be Annotated and Downloaded
    • Intuitive Compliance Officer workflow to Review decisions and Sign Off if required.
    • Data Retention

    • Decisions are saved for five (5) years.
    • Personal Data is stored in encrypted format.
    • All Data can be purged at ANY time.
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

    • Create custom Customer Lists for scanned decisions
    • Set Recurring Scan Schedules to monitor Customer Lists
    • Set Email Alerts for Decision Changes
    Preview Decision File
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