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All the smarts and features of an enterprise solution without the cost and complexity.

SmartScan is a sophisticated sanction screening and scoring service designed for the small enterprise with flexible price plans to suite any budget.



Easy to Use, Flexible to Integrate… and Affordable for All

A great KYC sanction screening solution for CDD begins with an exhaustive Watchlists database, but is useless without an intelligent search and scoring engine that minimizes False Positives.

SmartScan gives you the smarts and sophistication of an enterprise sanction screening solution WITHOUT the Cost and Complexity. You have complete flexibility on price plans that suits your business needs, along with an extensive API Library for easy integration with your inhouse systems and workflow.

With SmartScan you no longer have to compromise price for features, flexibility or quality.


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Accurate Decisions

Automate your workflows and interface with us for real-time or batch screening.

Rapid Responses

Use our convenient Web UI for configuration management, on-demand searches, and scheduling recurring batch jobs.

Still Affordable

Use the power and simplicity of email to securely interface with our engine for batch job processing.

Auditable Decisions

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Built for the small enterprise

Essential SmartScan Features

Sophisticated Search

We use ElasticSearch™ to give you the best technologies in probabilistic and deterministic search so you never miss a True Positive.

Smart Scoring

Our proprietary scoring engine is not only smart but also configurable so that you have control over the False Positive rates per your risk-based approach.

Private Lists

Our over 900 global sanction and PEP lists not enough? No worries, you can add your own confidential custom whitelists and blacklists.

Awesome Reports

Our reports are awesome. You have all the information for compliance, including direct links to all the sources. You can annotate online and download easily. Preview Report

The KYC2020 Difference

Flexible Access

Use the Web for individual searches or automate your screening process with our API. We also support batch jobs that can be submitted online or conveniently via Email.

Highly Configurable

You can configure the watchlists to screen, your search and scoring preferences, exception rules, and much more to create the right service based on your risk profile.

Easy to Get Started

An intuitive interface combined with a 'just what you need' approach makes our service easy to get started for the small enterprise.

Affordable Price Plans

With pay-as-you-go plans and low cost annual subscriptions, we have affordable options for every budget. Pricing Page

“80% of cost of sanction screening is from manual screening of false positives” PWC Report

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