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AML Tools

Watchlist Database Navigator

See if we cover your specific lists in our global watchlist database with 1500+ lists and growing!

Free Sanction Screening Check

Test our SmartScan™ Sanction Screening service. Search a Name, Entity, ID, Address, or DOB.

Free Watchlist Curator Tool

Know what lists to screen based on your Risk Profile. Stop Over-Screening. Speed up Onboarding.

AML Risk Assessment Tool

No Risk Assessment? No Problem. Use the FREE tool to write, manage, and track your Risk-based AML Policy.


Is it time to move from Screening Tools to Decision Services?

Small and Mid-size Enterprises, from MSBs to charities are now on the frontlines of the battle against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Reducing the high cost of sanction screening

Our first whitepaper in 2016 identifies data providers as the reason for high cost of sanction screening solutions. KYC2020 begins developing its own global watchlist database to provide affordable solutions MSBs and emerging FinTech.

Videos & Demos

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DecisionIQ - Screening

Let's watch DecisionIQ screen a name using Quick Search

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DecisionIQ - Case Management

Let's watch DecisionIQ's CDD features in action

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DecisionIQ - Ongoing Monitoring

Let's see how we can set up a reviewed decision for Ongoing Monitoring

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DecisionIQ - Get Started

Let's watch DecisionIQ's screening, Case Management and Ongoing Monitoring features in action

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Risk Assessment tool

Tool to write, manage, and track your Risk-based AML Policy.

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AML Policy Builder

Write, manage, and track your AML Policy using our Free AML Policy Builder Tool.

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Effectiveness Review Tool

Tool to conduct and manage your annual effectiveness review.

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