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With over 1500+ lists relevant news sources, VisionIQ database is the most comprehensive and affordable source for global watchlists and negative news. Our Standard lists include Sanction, limited PEP, Organizational, Enforcement, and Criminal lists. Our Premium lists include our complete PEP and RCA lists. We also offer a persona database with names and entities screened for contextual negative news from relevant news sources. Use the table below to preview the supported lists in our Standard and Premium database.

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Global - FATF - Jurisdictions with Strategic Deficiencies
Global - Interpol - Most Wanted
Global - IMF - Offshore Financial Centers
Global - U.N. Consolidated List
Global - World Bank Ineligible Firms
Australia - Autonomous Sanctioned Vessels Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Australia – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australia - Regulatory Authority
Azerbaijan - Financial Monitoring Service - Domestic List (FIUAZDNL)
Bermuda - Monetary Authority - Warning List
Bahrain - Terrorist list (Individuals - Entities)
Canada - BC Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada - Expanded Sanction List
Canada - Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials - Egypt, Tunisia and Ukraine
Canada - Higher risk currency exchange houses in Daesh-accessible territory in Iraq
Canada - Money Services Business
Canada - Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
Canada - Peel Regional Police Most Wanted
Canada - Regulatory Authority
Canada - Regulations Establishing a list of Entities
Canada - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada - Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions
Canada - Toronto Most Wanted List
Europe`s Most Wanted Fugitives
European Union Consolidated Lists
France - Minister of Economy and Finances
Hong Kong - Most Wanted
Hong Kong - Regulatory Authority
India - Delhi Police proclaimed (DLCRDP)
India - Individual Terrorist under UAPA (INSANIT)
India - National Investigation agency (India ) Wanted List (INCRINIA)
India - Regulatory Authority
India - Terrorist Organization Of UAPA (INSANBO)
India - Unlawful associations under UAPA (INSANUA)
Iraq - Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Office - Sanctioned Individuals
Iraq - Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Office - Sanctioned Entities
Iraq - Banks and Non Financial Institutions Debarred from Dealing in Currency of US Dollar
Ireland - Financial Regulator Unauthorized Firms
Ireland - Revenue Defaulters List
Japan - METI-WMD Proliferators
Kyrgyzstan - FIU - Financial Intelligence Unit (FIUKZSAN)
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Bonding Sanctions
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Insurance Sanctions
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Sanctions Agents Legal Person
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Sanctions Other Subjects
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Sanction Representation Offices
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Sanctions Reinsurance Intermediaries
Mexico - Directorate General for Litigation and Sanctions - Sanctions Unauthorized Persons
Mexico - Regulatory Authority
Netherland - Politie Wanted List
Netherland - Regulatory Authority
New Zealand - consolidated list of persons and entities (GOVNLSAN)
New Zealand - Regulatory Authority
New Zealand - TSA-Designated Terrorist
Nigeria - Regulatory Authority
North Korea - Sanctions & Enforcement Actions Advisory
Poland - List of persons and entities subject to sanctions (MSWIASA)
Saudi Arabia - List of extremists wanted for extradition
Singapore - Monetary Authority of Singapore - Lists of Designated Individuals and Entities
Singapore - Regulatory Authority
Singapore - Terrorism (suppression of financing) act
South African - Wanted List - Police Service (SAPSGOVWL)
Sweden - Regulatory Authority
Switzerland - Sanctioned Individuals, Entities and Organizations
Thailand - The Securities and Exchange Commission
Thailand - Designated Lists
UK - City of London Police
UK - Crimestoppers List
UK - Financial Services Authority (FSA)
UK - Her Majesty`s Financial Sanction – Consolidated List
UK - Regulatory Authority
Ukraine - War & Sanctions - Individuals identified for application of sanctions (NAZKAZPW)
Ukraine - War & Sanctions - Legal entities identified for application of sanctions (NAZKUKCP)
Ukraine - War & Sanctions - Persons related to Sanctioned Individuals and Individuals identified for application of sanctions (NAZKAZPR)
Ukraine - War & Sanctions - Sanctioned Individuals (NAZKAZSAN)
USA - Bureau of Industry and Security - Denied Persons List
USA - Commodity Futures Trading Commission
USA - Department of Housing and Urban Development
USA - Department of State
USA - Departmental of Transpontation Office of Inspector General Wanted Fugitives
USA - FBI - Most Wanted
USA - Federal Register – List of Countries Requiring Cooperation With an International Boycott
USA - Financial crimes enforcement network of United State Department
USA - Florida Department of Corrections Information List
USA - Food and Drug Adminitration Most Wanted Fugitives
USA - Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
USA - Georgia bureau of investigation - sex offender registry
USA - Idaho Non-Compliant Sex Offenders
USA - Idaho state police Violent Sexual Predators
USA - IRS – FATCA Foreign Financial Institution
USA - OFAC - Consolidated Sanctions List (non-SDN)
USA - OFAC - Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN)
USA - Office of Inspector Generals
USA - Office of Special Investigation
USA - PHS Administrative Action Report
USA - Regulatory Authority
USA - Calhoun County Alabama Sex Offenders (CCACRSO)
USA - NASAA - Operation Cryptoswap (NASAACTFE)
USA - Rewards for justice Wanted for Terrorism
USA - SECTION 311 – Special Measures
USA - State of Alaska Sex Offender
USA - Terrorist Security Administration
USA - Wanted Narcotics Rewards Program–Mexican Targets
USA - Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry

Premium Lists database includes PEP, RCA, and HIO. This is in addition to the lists in Standard Lists database.

Politically Exposed Persons
Relatives And Close Associate

Global - HIO

Australia - HIO

Canada - HIO

Singapore - Government Directory

United Kingdom - HIO

United States of America - HIO


Screening for High Risk and Cannabis Related Businesses. Lists include CRB Data (Provided by Nomino Data), Casino & Online Gaming, Virtual Currency and MSB.

Cannabis Related Businesses
Casinos & Online Gambling Businesses
Virtual Currency Businesses
Money Service Businesses
10,000+ news sources that include:
  • Al Qaeda News Monitoring Service
  • All African news and information for a global audience
  • Banking Industry News Monitoring Service
  • Bankruptcy News Monitoring Service
  • Biz News
  • Business Insider
  • Business Newswire
  • Business Tech
  • CNBC
  • Crime in America
  • Cyber War News Monitoring Service
  • Drug Enforcement Administration News Monitoring Service
  • EI News - Money Laundering
  • European Central Banking Supervision
  • ExpoTimes News Portal
  • Eyewitness News
  • Financial Express
  • Global Investigations Review
  • Global Legal Monitor
  • Global News
  • Globes - Israel Business News
  • Human Rights Law News Monitoring Service
  • Human Trafficking News Monitoring Service
  • IWACU – Les voix du Burundi
  • Journal du Cameroun
  • Just In
  • Justice News
  • Le Pays
  • Library of Congress
  • Los Angeles Daily News
  • Mauritius Times
  • Mergers & Acquisitions News Monitoring Service
  • Mint
  • Money Laundering News Monitoring Service
  • Money Web
  • Music Business Worldwide News
  • Mwananchi
  • News24
  • Newswires by Country - EIN Presswire
  • South African News
  • The Citizen
  • The East African
  • The Observer
  • The South African
  • TimesLIVE
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