Press Release Nov 17, 2022

KYC2020 announces the release of SanctionWatch

The persistent monitoring service makes it easy to stay AML compliant with daily OFAC and global sanction list changes

KYC2020 announces the release of SanctionWatch

Chicago, IL, November 17, 2022 - KYC2020, a leader in Global Watchlist, PEP, and Negative News Screening for AML Compliance, today announced a new add-on service for DecisionIQ, its SaaS advanced screening platform. The service, SanctionWatch™, will make it easy for regulated entities to Get compliant and then STAY compliant with daily persistent and automatic monitoring of OFAC and other global sanction lists.

With the rise of challenger banks, buy now pay later services, cryptocurrencies, international remittance services and digital payment tools, organizations are facing increased regulatory pressure around the world to continuously monitor their customers against the ever-changing global sanction lists.

SanctionWatch™ enables KYC2020's customers to create whitelists that are encrypted for data privacy and are continuously monitored against daily OFAC and sanction list changes. The customer is alerted via API Notifier, Email, or Web UI if a sanction is imposed on any member of the whitelist. The sophistication and AI-powered smarts of DecisionIQ is used for screening to avoid alerts on previously cleared hits or generating new false positives hits. SanctionWatch is designed to exceed AML regulatory requirements while improving operational efficiencies.

"Getting compliant is painful - staying compliant should not be more painful", said Rajeev Bahri, Head of Product and CEO of KYC2020. "If onboarding systems are a high manual effort, ongoing monitoring systems are worse. Ongoing monitoring systems for banks are 'gigantic money furnaces', I am confident we are solving this problem with the launch of SanctionWatch™.

For limited time SanctionWatch™ will be included with select annual subscription plans. The service is accessible via the DecisionIQ API or Web UI. To learn about how KYC2020 reduces the overall cost of AML compliance, visit or email us at [email protected]


KYC2020 is an industry leader in AML compliance technology. The company’s mission is to make AML compliance easy, effective, and affordable for enterprises of all sizes. KYC2020 provides global watchlist data, screening and decisioning solutions to over 250 global customers. Organizations rely on its platform, DecisionIQ for global Sanction, PEP and Adverse Media screening and Ongoing Monitoring. KYC2020 helps its customers speed up onboarding and stay compliant while delivering a significant reduction in manual workloads and overall cost of compliance. For more information, visit

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