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Connect to the KYC2020 Independent Specialist Network to access qualified experts and intelligent tools for your AML compliance regime setup and management.

We make the gig economy work for you. | Why join the KIS Network?

Independent Specialist

The Problem

Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have traditionally risked the DIY approach to putting together their AML Regime. Lack of quality tools and affordable consulting options means that many Fintech resort to using templates without expert supervision. There is a huge risk of getting it wrong, including losing banking relationships.

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Our Independent Specialists are here to change that.

For most Fintech it’s a Goldilocks Dilemma!

There have traditionally been two options, High Cost or High Risk.

Today there is a third “just right” option.

The key to lowering costs is our innovative AML Compliance Toolkit. Our intelligent tools guide the customer to gather and input the compliance and company data that consumes 40% of “specialists’ ” time. Our AML specialists then use the built-in templates and collaboration tools to deliver programs efficiently. These savings are passed on to the customer.

Why DIY when you can Get an Expert To Do It With You!
Independent Specialist

KYC2020 Independent Specialist Network is the Right Solution

Qualified Experts + Intelligent Tools

Independent Specialist

Why should I put any effort into my AML Program?

If you are asking this question, you are asking the wrong question. Quickly schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our AML Specialists so that we can knock some sense into you.

Here’s How The KIS Network Works

1 Independent Specialist
Free Consultation

Get a free 30-minute consultation with one of
our qualified independent AML specialists.

2 Independent Specialist
AML Compliance Toolkit

Use our compliance toolkit to begin
understanding the program pieces and
risks. You fill in relevant company details

3 Independent Specialist

Based on responses we match you with
a qualified specialist based on
your budget.

4 Independent Specialist

You work directly with a specialist and
use the toolkit to collaborate and
finalize your AML program.

5 Independent Specialist
Finalize Pricing

You interview and finalize pricing
with a specialist, and put your funds
in escrow.

6 Independent Specialist

Our independent AML specialist
reviews your responses and
accepts the engagement.

… often the engagement continues as a long-term relationship
with the benefit of the Toolkit.

Most companies do not have the budget for a full-time CAMLO or compliance officer, yet this position is becoming a mandatory obligation. The solution is obvious, an expert on retainer! Extend the relationship with your expert to cover these long-term compliance needs. This is a budget-friendly way to put a heavy-weight expert in your corner.

Benefits For Customers

Most SMEs don't have the resources for a full-time AML professional, nor do they have the time or expertise to do it themselves. These organizations are not excused from their responsibilities either, so there is a natural dilemma, try it DIY style and risk getting it wrong, or hire a consulting firm at exorbitant rates. Of course, doing nothing is NOT an option.

Why Choose The KIS Network?

Qualified Specialists

Tap into our highly skilled specialist network. Our AML compliance specialists are screened and qualified before joining our network. Most are CAMS™ certified or have served in the financial services sector as CAMLOs or analysts.

Independent Specialist
Intelligent Matches

We use a proprietary model to match you with the best specialists based on your business type, products, jurisdiction, budget, and a lot more. We match you with the most qualified specialist for your needs.

Find a Specialist
Independent Specialist
Independent Specialist
Fixed Price

Most projects are fixed priced, so you avoid nasty surprises. We escrow payments so that you are always in control. In case of disputes, we act as an independent arbitrator. We trust our experts but leave nothing to chance.

Price My Project
Independent Specialist
Goodbye Templates, Hello Tools!

Our Specialists use our AML Compliance Toolkit to build and manage your program. The toolkit provides hundreds of templates and collaboration resources to pair with the specialist’s insight and experience.

More about AML Compliance Toolkit

Benefits For Independent Specialists

The number of FinTech Startups in 2019 alone was over 200,000. And with banks ‘de-risking,' it is estimated that another 4mm small and mid-size firms, from charities to real-estate brokers, to MSBs and micro-lenders will need to set up or improve their AML regimes to continue to maintain banking relationships. You can spend your time searching and qualifying customers, or you can join our network, receive qualified leads and access to our AML Compliance Toolkit to improve your productivity for higher profitability.

The hardest part of the gig economy is finding customers.

We fix that!

Independent Specialist

Why Join The KIS Network?

Remain Independent
Remain Independent

Get the most out of the Gig economy. Maintain your confidentiality and remain anonymous until matched. You are free to refer any compliance products or practices that you are used to, we won't tie you to our portfolio of services.

Collaborate with the Best

Yes, we do qualify and check your references. This is how we make sure you are hanging out with the best-in-class crowd. If you can't AML, CDD, CIP, OFAC with the best of them, keep scrolling, we want the pros. We check your references, screen you for eligibility, and then we'll chat online. We're hard to impress, but we still want you to try.

Get Paid
Get Paid

Most gigs will be fixed price, but you work it out directly with the customer. We collect funds to an escrow so that you can work comfortably knowing that once the customer accepts the deliverable, the funds are there for you. You don't have to worry about chasing people to get paid. Your income is predictable and stable.

So, what are you waiting on? Join the Network Today
Get Paid
Improve Productivity

Now for the best part. We have built an AML Compliance Toolkit for you to use to be efficient with your time. Whether it is a Risk Assessment, writing an AML Policy, or an Effectiveness Review, our tools in expert hands yield over a 30% saving in time and effort to complete an engagement. Trust us when we say that they are better that templates for both you and your customer!

Benefits of our AML Compliance Toolkit
Independent Specialist

Why should I put any effort into my
AML program?

You did not get into your business to look for money laundering or solve financial crime, you got into business to be a financial technology innovator and make money. Compliance can't make you money directly, but it can protect your business and allow you to move into lucrative markets. Good compliance doesn't make profits but bad compliance or no compliance can cost you much more. Failures are expensive, embarrassing, and inhibit growth. If you want to find more expert insight and hot topics on the compliance industry make sure to check out our blog at

We know that the cost of compliance is coming off your bottom line, so we provide value. But we don't want you to get jammed up later with a poorly conceived program, so we only work with the best experts. The tools we provide drive down your costs and drive up the AML specialist’s efficiencies. No other solution strikes this balance the way we do. It's a Goldilocks fit for everyone. And it's fine if you still don't care about compliance that much. We do, and we'll take of your needs.

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