Adverse Media Check

Relevant And Comprehensive Negative News Screening

Adverse Media Check uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to continuously scan thousands of global media sources for relevant financial crime per FATF guidelines. We do the hard work so that you do not have to waste time on search engines.

Adverse Media

Adverse Media Check

Detect and Avoid Reputational Risks Effectively

Engaging with customers that are associated with or convicted of financial crime can be damaging to your firm's reputation. Most businesses recognize this risk and solve for it by either using search engines or legacy screening systems. This invariably means slow customer onboarding and endless time to chase false positives on the world wide web.

KYC2020 changes that with Adverse Media Check, our AI-based service that continuously monitors thousands of relevant global news sources to create a persona database of individuals, companies, and politically exposed persons (PEPs) with relevant negative news per FATF financial crime categories. We use Natural Language Processing, sophisticated AI-based algorithms, and ongoing learning to identify names and entities in each article, identify PEP associations, identify sentiment, context, intent, much more.

We make sure that you have the most advanced and highly precise adverse media screening and monitoring solution, so that you can speed up your customer onboarding with confidence.

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Adverse Media Check

Your Competitive Advantage To Speed Up Customer Onboarding

Global Relevant News

News sources from around the world are carefully selected and continuously consumed by our AI-based systems to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and relevant source for negative news.

Risk Categorization

AI/NLP are used to identify sentiment, context, and prime actors (i.e. Personas) in each article. Each Persona is tagged with FATF supported categorization of risk of financial crime.

PEP Relationships

Advanced algorithms and machine learning is used to identify political exposed persons in negative news. Personas in the news are mapped to our PEP/RCA database to supplement the data and establish cross-list relationships

Precise Filtering

Personas with negative news are deduplicated and categorized per FATF relevant keywords. Visual presentation of data is done with color coding and statistics for easy filtering for enhanced due diligence (EDD).

SaaS Platform

Adverse Media Check is available on the cloud as software as a service. Use our data or API to easily integrate with your existing compliance system and workflow, or as a standalone solution via our online portal. We make it easy!

Flexible & Affordable Access

Multiple delivery options give you flexibility in how you deploy the Adverse Media Check solution. Access options include data download, API, batch, or online portal. Multiple pricing plans, including pay as you go, ensure fit for every budget.

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