Open Sanctions Program

Qualifying Charities, Journalists, Researchers and non-profits now have FREE access to best-in-class Global Sanction, PEP & Negative News screening to help fight financial crime.

Challenges with low cost or free unsupported open sanctions solutions


Lack of comprehensive quality data, ineffective screening capabilities and data privacy controls


High-friction and manually intensive with lack of case management


Potential legal and reputational risks for the NPO or loss of banking services

Why do you need to screen?

FATF Recommendation 8 guides the risk-based approach for non-profit organization (NPOs)

NPOs must screen their donors against sanctions and global watchlists to avoid becoming unwitting participants in money-laundering or terrorist financing (ML/TF)

Small NPOs are OFTEN denied banking services due to their lack of access to AML compliance service to set up policy/procedures or the lack of affordable quality screening solutions

The current non-profit market is vulnerable to donations that might be linked to money laundering schemes or terrorist financing activities

$2.5 Trillion

Non-profit global market size

10 Million

Global organizations

The need to screen has never been higher


Comply with legal regulatory requirements


Ensure trust and confidence of stakeholders


Showcase integrity and adherence to transparency


Uphold responsibility as a member of the community

Get FREE ACCESS to our global watchlist data and our advanced all-in-one sanction screening platform, DecisionIQ™ to help you achieve your goals


All-in-one platform for screening, decisioning, case management, and ongoing monitoring


Create watchlists and screen against suspicious individuals and entities


User-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate for organizations lacking technical resources


Conduct due diligence to attest authenticity of funds and partners

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We believe that FREE access to advanced screening capabilities is crucial for non-profits to make a positive impact in the world, and we are determined to do our part in supporting these efforts.

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KYC2020 wants to help you maximize your social impact without inadvertently falling pray to financial crime

Steps to apply

Step 1

Email us or fill out our form to apply

Step 2

Once you are verified, we will reach out to you

Step 3

Access the full capabilities of the platform free of charge

If you are a non-commercial user, looking for reliable screening solutions, become a customer now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow What is the Open Sanctions Program?

The Open Sanctions Program is an exclusive offering for certified Non-Profits, Journalists, Charities and Researches to gain access to KYC2020s global watchlist data and its advanced all-in-one Sanctions screening platform, DecisionIQ.

Arrow Am I eligible to apply for this program?

If you are a registered Non-Profit, Journalist, Charity or Researcher you are eligible to apply for access. Just follow the instructions on the application form or contact our team requesting access.

Arrow What if I don't know how to use the platform and need support? Will I have to pay for training?

We understand that non-profit organizations often need a complete all-in-one solution, and may not have the time or resources for integration. That's why DecisionIQ comes with a full Web UI along with API, to provide a seamless experience that enables non-commercial users to focus on their core mission of serving the non-profit purpose. There are help videos on every page which make it easier to navigate.
You can also reach out to our team and we will set up a call for the same.

Arrow Why is compliance important for non-commercial users?

Money laundering is a serious issue that plagues many sectors, including charities and non-profit organizations. As regulators around the world are increasing the scope of regulations and the price of fines for failures, organizations need to monitor new and existing customers against AML watchlists while also providing a near real-time onboarding customer experience. Non-profits are not exempt from these requirements and need to be able to effectively screen donors, partners, and other individuals involved in their operations to avoid potential legal and reputational risks.

Arrow Is the entire program completely free or are there hidden costs?

The program is completely free. We believe in making a difference through our products, and look to safeguard the interests of our customers. We benefit as well, because this collaboration will enhance our search technology and data quality for commercial customers.

Arrow What are my obligations?

While we offer the program to help non-commercial users make meaningful impact while staying compliant, we would be happy to have our users reach out to us for feedback on our products and the program, use the software available to them effectively and drop a quote on TrustPilot for us.

Arrow What if I don't qualify but am in the non-profit sector?

Those who don't qualify for the program but are in the NPO sector are eligible to get 50-80% discounts.

Arrow I have more questions, whom do I reach out to?

You can contact our team and we will get back to you via email.

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