Seneca selects KYC2020 to provide finance students with
regulatory screening experience.

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  • Seneca selects KYC2020 to provide finance students with regulatory screening experience.

    Chicago - Sept 10, 2019

    Seneca has partnered with KYC2020 List Screening solution to provide students with hands-on experience with its SmartScreen offering. Students will now have access to Know Your Customer (KYC) screening for sanctions, criminals, terrorists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) as part of Seneca’s Financial Services Compliance Administration program.

    Seneca’s School of Accounting and Financial Services has implemented KYC2020 List Screening to prepare students to deal with the regulatory requirements related to KYC screening of individuals and entities on sanction, criminal, and PEP lists worldwide. The partnership reaffirms the strength of KYC2020 List Screening solution and position as an affordable and comprehensive source for global AML and KYC compliance lists.

    "KYC2020 aggregates, cleans, rationalizes, and indexes the more than 650 sanctions, terrorist, PEP, and criminal lists from around the world, and it’s an honour to be able to provide the service to Seneca,” says Joseph Iuso Head of Business Development at KYC2020.

    KYC2020 data helps customers identify AML threats, and comply with legislation and regulations for preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, organized crime and third-party risk. Seneca has selected both the Adhoc and Batch searching capabilities of KYC2020 for in-class use, supporting students’ understanding of the KYC list screening workflow.

    “For Seneca to thrive in its quest to give students the very best experience in compliance and in this particular case, KYC List screening, we are thrilled to add KYC2020 to our compliance curriculum,” says Samky Mak, Professor and Program Co-ordinator of Seneca’s Financial Services Compliance Administration program.

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    About KYC2020

    KYC2020’s mission is to be the single source for global Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Person (PEP), and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) lists for screening and due diligence. KYC2020 aggregates, consolidates, and standardizes global data sources to handle the wide-ranging KYC rules and regulations regimes around the world. Sources include sanction lists, regulatory enforcement lists, watch lists, PEP lists, criminal lists, and open government data lists. With our sophisticated search and scoring engine compliance officers are able to screen against any and all these lists to ensure their risked-based approach meets and exceeds the regulators requirements for their specific regions and segments of business.

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