Press Release CHICAGO - Jan. 21, 2021

KYC2020 Awarded as a Global Leader in AML Compliance by RegTech Analyst

The Firm is part of the World's Most Innovative and Fastest Growing Regtech Companies for 2021

PRLog - KYC2020 LLC, a leader in AML/CFT compliance software and services, announced its selection to the 2021 RegTech 100. These are the world's most innovative companies that use technology to solve a significant industry problem, or to generate cost efficiencies across the compliance function. KYC2020 is proud to receive this honor for the second year in a row.

KYC2020 provides AML compliance solutions that range from global sanction and PEP watchlist data, AI/ML based screening and decisioning tools, to Adverse Media monitoring for customer due diligence.

"We continued to work furiously on our product roadmap in 2020," said Rajeev Bahri, CFA, CAMS, Managing Director of KYC2020. "We expanded our global PEP watchlists to include RCA, completed our 'Smart Data' project to further improve the quality of our data, went to general release with DecisionIQ - our AI and ML based decisioning service that replaces the antiquated concept of screening and manually clearing false positives - and most importantly, we delivered on our negative news screening service, Adverse Media Check" said Bahri.

COVID presented a formidable challenge. However, KYC2020 remained steadfast on its 2020 product goals. KYC2020 expanded its Data and AI/NLP engineering teams, implemented a successful work from home policy, and delivered per plan. "We did have to compromise on our marketing and sales budget due to COVID, but no compromise on product spend. We are committed to product, and we thank the over 100 new customers that found us and signed up to make this commitment possible." continued Bahri.

In 2020, KYC2020 also started the KIS Network, a network of CAMS™ certified independent specialists that provide affordable consulting services to early stage FinTech firms operating without a proper risk-based approach for AML compliance. Rather than selling them tools they did not need or would have used ineffectively, KYC2020 expanded the product roadmap and introduced its free AML Compliance Toolkit.

FinTech firms can use the free toolkit to conduct an AML/CFT risk assessment, build their AML policy, collaborate with a compliance specialist, and conduct their annual effectiveness reviews.

"The KIS network gives us a great opportunity to listen to our customers. The message is clear and understood – 'take the cost and complexity out of AML compliance,' and that is exactly what we are doing," said Joseph Iuso, CAMS™, head of compliance and consulting at KYC2020.

"Employing RegTech solutions to modernize the compliance function is now mission-critical for financial institutions globally," said Mariyan Dimitrov, head of research at RegTech Analyst. The RegTech 100 list helps compliance professionals evaluate solutions that have market potential and a lasting impact on the industry. A full list of the 2020 RegTech 100 is available at

About KYC2020

KYC2020 was founded in 2016 to meet the sanction screening requirements of Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and online financial technology innovators. KYC2020's product strategy is founded on good data. The company is one of the very few sanction screening solution providers that builds and manages its own global sanction, PEP, and Adverse Media watchlist database. This product strategy allows KYC2020 to control the quality of data and serve as the most affordable sanction screening solution provider in the marketplace.

In 2018, KYC2020 introduced DecisionIQ™, an AI/ML based screening service that delivers real-time actionable decisions on whether to approve or deny screened individuals or entities. DecisionIQ virtually eliminates the need for manually clearing false positives and managing the associated paperwork. In 2019, KYC2020 introduced its free AML Compliance Toolkit to help FinTech innovators better understand risks and get started with their AML compliance program. In 2020, KYC2020 enhanced the quality of its data with its Smart Data project, enhanced DecisionIQ with ongoing monitoring, introduced its Adverse Media Check® solution, and implemented GDPR compliance policies. KYC2020 will continue to push forward in the innovation of affordable and effective compliance in 2021.

KYC2020 is an ISO27001 certified software provider. For more information about us, visit

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