Membership/Subscription Info (12)

Go through the payment process via our Single Sign-On portal. Once you see the option to pay via PayPal, select the PayPal option and continue to the actual payment page. There you will have the option to enter your debit or credit card information.

Paypal direct with an account or indirect with a credit card, wire transfer, and ACH payments.

Each subscription plan has a pre-defined search quota. These quotas are defined on our pricing page. If you want to reset or enhance your search quota, you can renew/upgrade your account or contact for a custom plan if none of the listed plans satisfy your needs. 

Premium lists are included in pay-per-use plans and are available as an add-on to annual subscription plans. You can upgrade your current subscription by paying additional charges to include the premium lists. Contact for help.

Each of the payment options have associated fees to accept payments. KYC2020 opted to be transparent and present these fees. 

If the payment has been deducted from your account and we have received it then please contact our support desk at If we have not received the payment then the money will be reverted back to your account.

Adding a sub-user is only available to users with a custom subscription plan, not a pay-per-use plan. You can add/delete sub-users through our Single Sign-On portal. After launching our screening service, select “User Information” under the “My Account” drop down menu. Finally select “Add User” to update your settings.


Upon login to our Single Sign-On portal, you will find a My Subscription link under the Profile button. On this page select Manage Subscription. From there select the subscription plan you wish to subscribe to and continue to make your payment. If you would like to downgrade your subscription please contact You cannot downgrade a subscription plan via the Single Sign-On Portal.

Once you login to your account, you will see the pop-up screen shown below. Select “Click Here” and choose the service you want to renew. Then select “Submit” to be directed to the Manage Subscription page. Select the “Renew” option and continue to make a payment.

Currently, ongoing monitoring is not part of any subscription. It is available as an add on to your current subscription.

Visit our pricing page to see our different pricing options. You can also contact to request a custom plan and we should be able to accommodate your needs.

Yes, please contact detailing your requirements, and our team will follow up with you shortly.